Fort Mims State Historic Site
Fort Mims was the scene of a
bloody battle that stands to
this day as a monumental
clash of cultures.
Travis Home in Alabama
William Barret Travis, the
heroic commander of the
Alamo, lived in Alabama
before relocating to Texas.
Alabama Historic Sites and Points of Interest
Little River Falls
Alabama's spectacular natural setting played a large
role in the development and history of the state.
A Rich and Diverse History...
Of all of the states of the South, few have the
rich history, cultural diversity and natural
beauty of Alabama.

Long considered the "Heart of Dixie,"
Alabama is a fascinating state that offers an
array of historical destinations. From Native
American and colonial history to the eras of
Civil War and Civil Rights, Alabama offers
something for almost every interest.

To learn more about Alabama, its historic
sites, heritage and points of interest, please
follow the links on this page.
Blakeley Battlefield
Historic Blakeley State Park
preserves miles of forts and
trenches associated with the
Battle of Blakeley, one of the
last major engagements of
the Civil War.
Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend National
Military Park preserves the
scene of the Alabama battle
that forever ended the power
of the Creek Nation.
Fort Gaines
Fort Gaines, and its sister
work Fort Morgan, are Civil
War landmarks that stand
guard over the entrance to
Mobile Bay.
Alabama State Capitol
A landmark of both the Civil
War and the Civil Rights
Movement, the state capitol is
a National Historic Landmark.
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Coldwater Covered Bridge
More than 160 years old, the
63' bridge in Oxford was built
by a former slave and is the
oldest covered bridge in
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