Confederate Memorial Park
The museum at Alabama's
Confederate Memorial Park is
one of the finest of its type.
Mountain Creek Post Office
The historic Mountain Creek
Post Office provided mail
service for the home.
Confederate Memorial Park - Mountain Creek, Alabama - Confederate Memorial Park, Alabama - Confederate Memorial Park, Alabama
Confederate Memorial Park
Confederate Memorial Park in Mountain Creek
preserves the site of Alabama's Old Soldiers Home
for Confederate Veterans. The park features a
beautiful museum and numerous historic sites.
Site of Alabama's Soldiers Home
Confederate Memorial Park in Mountain
Creek, Alabama, is a moving tribute to the
men and boys that took up arms in defense
of their home state during the Civil War.

Located on the site of Alabama's Old
Soldiers Home for Confederate Veterans, the
102 acre park includes a museum, research
facility, historic structures, ruins and two
cemeteries containing over 300 Confederate

The home was founded by Montgomery
lawyer Jefferson M. Falkner, a Confederate
veteran, to provide a comfortable home for
his aging former comrades. Mountain Creek
was then a summer resort area and Falkner
donated 80 acres there for the construction of
the home.

The complex operated from 1902 to 1939
and grew to include 22 buildings. In addition
to cottages for the residents, there was a
hospital, administration building, mess hall,
dairy barn and more.

At its height, the home was the residence of
91Confederate veterans and 19 widows of
veterans. Each year, however, fewer veterans
remained alive to live at the home. As the
population dwindled, the two cemeteries on
the grounds grew. Over the years, however, it
is estimated that as many as 800 people
lived at the site.

The last surviving veteran living at the home
died in 1934. Five widows of soldiers were
still in residence when the complex was
closed in 1939. They were moved to a facility
in Montgomery.

Today, the grounds of Confederate Memorial
Park serve as a fitting memorial to the old
soldiers and widows of soldiers who once
lived there. Ruins of the original structures
can still be seen and the historic Mountain
Creek Post Office and Marbury Methodist
Church stand on the grounds. In addition,
visitors can walk among the stones of the
two cemeteries and read the names of the
hundreds of soldiers buried there.

Confederate Memorial Park also features an
outstanding museum with displays on both
the history of the home and Alabama's role in
the Civil War. The modern facility features
exhibits and a wide range of artifacts, among
them original weapons and authentic flags.
Confederate Memorial Park is open to the
public daily from 6 a.m. until dark. The
museum is open daily from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for college
students with ID, military and senior citizens
over age 65, $3 for children ages 6-18. Kids
under 6 are admitted for free.
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visit the park's official website for more

In addition to its historical features, the park
also offers a picnic area and nature trail.

Confederate Memorial Park is located about
half an hour north of Montgomery. From I-65,
take either Exit 186 onto U.S. 31 North or Exit
205 (Clanton) onto U.S. 31 South. Take U.S.
31 to Mountain Creek and follow the signs.
Confederate Soldiers Home
Ruins can still be seen of the
complex that housed 91
veterans and 19 widows at its
Confederate Cemeteries
The two cemeteries at
Confederate Memorial Park
contain 313 graves.
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