U.S.S. Alabama
Long a fixture of the Mobile
waterfront, the battleship
Alabama has survived war
and hurricanes.
The Guns of the Alabama
The massive 16 inch guns of
U.S.S. Alabama served
the United States during
World War II.
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Battleship U.S.S. Alabama
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Battleship U.S.S. Alabama
Battleship U.S.S. Alabama - Mobile, Alabama
Battleship U.S.S. Alabama
Rising above the highway approaches to Mobile,
Alabama, the
Alabama is an American landmark.
The Battleship of Mobile Bay
As you approach Mobile from the east, the
sight of the battleship
U.S.S. Alabama rising
above Mobile Bay is stunning. One of the
nation's most historic warships, the vessel is
now the center of a fascinating and moving
memorial park.

U.S.S. Alabama was under construction
in Norfolk, Virginia, when Japanese planes
bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941,
drawing the United States into World War II.
The sixth warship to bear the storied name,
Alabama was commissioned on August
16, 1942, as one of the most powerful ships

Initially deployed to protect convoys crossing
the Atlantic Ocean, the
U.S.S. Alabama was
moved to the Pacific in September of 1943. In
November and December of that year she
participated in the fighting for the Gilbert
Islands. After a series of battles, she next
took part in the campaigns against the
Caroline and Marianas Islands.

Repeatedly attacked by Japanese pilots, the
men of the
Alabama shot down nine enemy
planes during the Battle of the Philippine
Sea. Shortly before the end of the war, she
participated in the shelling of the Japanese
homeland, firing 1,500 tons of shells into
factories and military installations within 50
miles of Tokyo.

Sent to Bremerton, Washington, after the war,
Alabama was decommissioned on
January 9, 1947.

In May of 1962, the U.S. Navy announced
plans to scrap the
Alabama, but a campaign
was launched to bring her to Mobile to serve
as a permanent memorial to Alabama's
sons and daughters who had served in the
Armed Forces. School children of the state
contributed nickels and dimes to the amount
of $100,000 to help in the effort and the
U.S.S. Alabama was saved from destruction.

Towed more than 1,000 miles to her new
mooring on the shores of Mobile Bay, the
Alabama was opened to the public on
January 9, 1965. She was joined there in
1969 by the submarine
U.S.S. Drum, another
World War II vessel that had also seen heavy
combat. Together the two historic vessels
anchor a beautiful memorial park and
interpretive complex.

Alabama and Drum survived stunning
wind and waves during Hurricane Katrina
and other Gulf Coast storms and have now
hosted more than 13 million visitors.

Also on the grounds, visitors can see a
variety of aircraft (including an SR-71
"Blackbird") and other artifacts. A Vietnam
River Patrol Boat at the park can travel at
speeds of over 40 miles per hour.
A tour of the Alabama is an impressive
experience. The massive warship is 680 feet
long (half as long as the Empire State
Building is tall) and displaces more than
44,500 tons. Each of her four propellers
weighed more than 18 tons and combined
could move her through the water at speeds
of up to 28 knots (32 miles an hour). The
Alabama is 194 feet tall (more than a 20
story building).

The project to save the
U.S.S. Alabama is a
classic example of the good that historic
preservation can do for a community. Over a
thirty year period, the has produced an
economic impact of over $403 million dollars
for the state of Alabama.

The battleship and submarine are open daily
for self-guided tours. It takes a minimum of
about two hours to see both. The main deck
of the
Alabama, adjacent Aircraft Pavilion and
the Gift Shop are handicapped accessible.

U.S.S. Alabama is open daily (except
Christmas). There is a $2 parking fee and
then the price to see the battleship is $12 for
ages 12 and up and $6 for ages 6-12.
Admission is free for children under the age
of 6.
Please click here to visit their official
website and learn more.

Battleship U.S.S. Alabama is located at 2703
Battleship Parkway (U.S. Highway 90/98),
just off Interstate 10 (Exits 27 or 30).
Battleship of Mobile Bay
The ship towers over visitors
as they approach the
gangways leading up to her
Defender of America
The myriad of weapons on
U.S.S. Alabama defended
American freedom during
World War II.
Submarine U.S.S. Drum
The Alabama is the center
piece of a memorial park that
also features the historic
World War II submarine
U.S.S. Drum.
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