Titanic's Grand Staircase
Visitors to the Branson Titanic
can walk and pose for photos
on the grand staircase made
famous in the 1997 movie.
Titanic Museum Attraction - Branson, Missouri
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Missouri
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Missouri
Titanic Museum in Branson Missouri
The Branson Titanic Museum is the world's largest
exhibit exploring the history of the famed ship.
World's Largest Titanic Exhibit
Towering over Country Highway 76 and the
Branson Strip, a partial reconstruction of the
Titanic sails out of history and into
the present. The Branson Titanic Museum
houses the largest exhibit on the ill-fated
luxury liner
Titanic in the world.

The story of the
Titanic is among the best
known of our time. The pinnacle of human
engineering of her day, the great ship set sail
across the Atlantic on her maiden voyage in
1912. Proclaimed unsinkable, she met her
fate in the icy waters of the North Atlantic after
colliding with an iceberg. By the time rescue
ships could reach the scene, the
Titanic had
gone down. The death toll was staggering:
1,520 people drowned when the ship
disappeared beneath the water.

In Branson, however, the
Titanic rises to sail
again - this time on dry land. The museum
offers a chance to explore not just the story of
the ship, but to experience life aboard the
luxury liner through well-designed exhibits
and one of the largest collections of
artifacts in the world.

As the tour begins, you can touch an actual
iceberg to experience for yourself the bone
chilling cold that the passengers of the
Titanic faced as the ship sank, leaving them
stranded amidst the ice and freezing water of
the North Atlantic. As you begin your self-
guided walk through the museum, you are
given the name of an actual passenger that
sailed aboard the
Titanic. When your tour
ends, you can search for the name on the
official roster of the ship to find out whether
that person survived or was among the more
than 1,500 who died.

Exhibits aboard the two-story reproduction of
a section of the ship provide a gateway into
the past, by allowing you to explore
reconstructed cabins. The ship's wheel can
be touched and visitors can descend the
famed Grand Staircase, posing for pictures
in the setting made famous by the movie on
the sinking of the

There is also a reproduction of the radio or
Marconi room where the ship's wireless
officer used Morse code to send out the first
S-O-S in marine history.

Other exhibits tell the story of the ill-fated ship
and the crew and passengers that sailed
aboard her.  There is a magnificent 18-foot
scale model of the
Titanic that reproduces
the vessel in remarkable detail. Photographs
help recreate the building and sailing of the
ship and more than 400 actual artifacts
provide remarkable insight into the lost liner.

There is also a memorial room where the
names of all of the victims of the disaster are
The museum is open daily and has rapidly
emerged as one of the premier attractions of
Branson. Advance reservations are strongly
recommended, as the museum often sells
out. Advance ticket prices are $19.71 for
adults and $9.99 for children ages 5-11. Kids
4 and are under admitted free.
Please click
here to order tickets online.

Here are some upcoming events at Branson
Titanic that might be of interest:

  • Titanic Christmas and Winter
    Celebration,November and December
  • Come pet Live Reindeer at the Titanic!
    November 25th, 26th; December 2nd,
    3rd, 9th, 10th
  • Titanic Museum Attraction hosts NICA
    U.S. Nationals,February 4th - 5th,
  • Titanic Book Signing - Author
    Appearances, Author Courtney
    Morrow, November 25th-27th

Titanic is located at 3235 76 Country
Blvd (intersection of 76 & Hwy 165).
click here to visit their official website for the
latest information on prices and hours.

Click here to check out the Titanic webcam!
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Scale Model of the Titanic
An intricately detailed 18-foot
model of the doomed ocean
liner provides a bow to stern
view of the ship.
First Class Berth
A top hat sits on the luxurious
bunk in a first class berth,
reproduced at the Branson