Dogwood Canyon Nature Park near Branson, Missouri
Scenery at Dogwood Canyon
A beautiful trout stream winds
through Dogwood Canyon and is
popular with visitors.
Covered Bridge
Constructed by Amish craftsmen,
the picturesque covered bridge is a
favorite with visitors.
Near Branson, Missouri
Dogwood Canyon Nature Park
Visitors to Dogwood Canyon are often stunned by
the spectacular scenery of its beautiful waterfalls,
forests and even herds of buffalo.
The Beautiful Missouri Ozarks
Straddling the Missouri and Arkansas border
about a 30 minute drive southwest of
Branson, the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park
offers visitors access to 10,000 acres of
pristine Ozark Mountain beauty.

A private preserve, maintained and operated
by the owners of Bass Pro Shops and the
nearby Big Cedar Lodge, Dogwood Canyon
is open to the public throughout the year. If
you want to experience the magnificent
beauty of the Ozarks up close and personal,
this is the place!

The entrance to the park is located on
Missouri Highway 86, about 16 miles west
from its intersection with U.S. Highway 65
near Branson. From
Eureka Springs, travel
north on Highway 22 into Missouri and turn
right on Highway 86. Even before you leave
the highway, the beauty of the area is
apparent in all directions.

There are numerous ways to see the canyon,
depending on your schedule, budget and
sense of adventure. Hiking and biking are
popular here, as are horseback rides,
kayaking, paddleboats and even jeep tours.
Perhaps the best way to introduce yourself to
the park, however, is to take the guided
wildlife tram tour.

This comfortable, two-hour, open-air ride
takes you through canyon and introduces you
to many of its unique archaeological,
historical and scenic sites. From waterfalls
and architectural wonders to large herds of
buffalo (bison), elk, white tail deer and even
Texas longhorn cattle, the guides explain the
history and environment of Dogwood Canyon.

Among the more fascinating archaeological
sites in the canyon are several caves located
high in the face of a steep bluff. Researchers
located ancient Native American cave burials
here during the creation of the park. The
caves themselves are not open to the public,
but can be seen from the tour road loading
through the park.

The canyon offers visitors a chance to see
and fish in a unique trout stream
environment. The spring-fed water is so clear
that large trout can be seen moving along the
bottom. Fishing equipment and paid lessons
are available at the park. Dogwood Canyon
offers trout fishing schools for those
interested in getting into fly fishing in a
serious way.

Even non-fisherman, however, often marvel
at the beautiful trout and the pristine
environment in which they live and swim.

A particular favorite with visitors is the Glory
Hole, a beautiful pool of clear water fed by a
waterfall. The tram tour stops here to give
guests a chance to explore the scenic spot
and climb up to an overlook.

Glory Hole is just one of a number of
waterfalls in the park. Dogwood Canyon is
home to some of the tallest falls in the
Ozarks and they are popular with
photographers and even wedding parties.
Buffalo Graze in the Ozarks
Dogwood Canyon offers visitors a
chance to see live herds of buffalo
(bison) and American elk.
In addition to its spectacular scenery, the
canyon is rich in mountain history. Displays
provide details on historic artifacts and
structures and guides are well versed in the
history of the grounds.

History of a different sort can also be seen at
the park. Wild herds of buffalo (bison) and
American elk have largely vanished from the
Ozarks, but the magnificent animals can be
seen here. Dogwood Canyon, in fact, is one
of the few places where visitors can actually
get up close to the animals.

Park scientists carefully monitor and grow
the herds, helping to restore animals to the
landscape. As a result they are bringing back
scenes not seen since the days of our

Other herds on the grounds include whitetail
deer and Texas Longhorn cattle.

The park offers a small cluster of rustic
cabins where visitors can stay overnight, but
these are often booked well in advance so
reservations are a must.

There are plenty of other accommodations
and resorts in the area, including Big Cedar
Resort. Big Cedar offers special packages
and is a co-owned property of Dogwood

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is located at
2038 West State Highway 86, Lampe,
Missouri. It is 26 miles southwest of Branson
and 27 miles northeast of Eureka Springs,
Arkansas. Current hours are 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

For information on prices, activities and
more, please visit the park's website at:
Glory Hole and Falls
The crystal clear water of the Glory
Hole is filled with large rainbow
Dogwood Canyon Tram
Cars are not permitted past the
main parking area at Dogwood
Canyon, but visitors can explore
the grounds on foot, bicycle or on a
guided tram tour that is well worth
the money.
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