Springer Opera House
Actor Edwin Booth performed
here during the 1870s and
some say he's still around.
Ghost of the Springer Opera House - Columbus, Georgia
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Ghost of the Springer Opera House, Georgia
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Ghost of the Springer Opera House, Georgia
Springer Opera House
Legend holds that the beautiful old theater in the
heart of downtown Columbus is haunted by the
ghost of famed actor Edwin Booth.
Georgia's Haunted Opera House
First and foremost, the beautiful Springer
Opera House in
Columbus, Georgia, is a
remarkable monument to the arts that rose in
a Deep South city in the midst of the difficult
Reconstruction era.

Remarkable personalities including Oscar
WIlde, Edwin Booth, Lillie Langtrey, John
Philip Sousa, Ethel Barrymore, Will Rogers
and even WIlliam Jennings Bryan and
Franklin D. Roosevelt have graced its stage
over the years, making the Springer one of
the most significant preserved theaters in

Although the theater management does not
promote the fact, it is also rumored to be one
of America's most haunted historic theaters.

Popular Columbus legend holds that the
magnificent old Springer Opera House is
haunted by the restless (and sometimes
playful) ghost of the famed actor, Edwin
Booth. A major celebrity of his day, Booth is
sadly best remembered to our generation as
the brother of John Wilkes Booth, the man
who assassinated President Abraham

The two had performed together, along with
their even more famous father, in an
acclaimed production of "Julius Caesar" in
1864, but the killing of President Lincoln by
John WIlkes Booth in 1865 forced the family
into seclusion.

A decade later, Edwin Booth came to
Columbus to perform "Hamlet" on the stage
of the Springer Opera House, then only five
years old. His performance there was widely
applauded and was an important step in the
rebuilding of the actor's career after it had
been shattered by the actions of his brother.

Many Columbus residents believe quite
firmly that Booth liked the Springer so much,
he never left.

Over the years since his death, strange
events have been reported at the theater.
Quite often these are quite playful in nature
and usually involve female members of the
cast and crew or guests. They often take
place in the prop room, where the ghost
seems to enjoy playing with wardrobe and

Other ghosts - including the figure of a man
sometimes seen on the stage - have been
reported at the Springer, but the most
convincing evidence was video obtained
there a decade ago that showed orbs of light
bouncing around and even touching a visitor.

Tours that focus on the theatrical significance
of the Springer Opera House are hosted on
Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. The
cost is $5. Guests are also welcome, of
course, at the many public performances
held at the theater. The Springer is located at
103th Street in Columbus, Georgia.
A Columbus Landmark
The Springer Opera House is
one of the most remarkable
structures built in the South
during the Reconstruction era.
A Playful Ghost?
The ghost of the Springer is
said to be rather playful, but
according to legend will
remain until Hamlet is staged
at the theater once more.
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