White Rock Sunset
The view of the Ozarks at
sunset from the crest of White
Rock Mountain is stunning.
White Rock Mountain
The mountain takes its name
from spectacular cliffs that
take on a striking white
appearance on sunny days.
White Rock Mountain - Ozark National Forest, Arkansas
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - White Rock Mountain, Arkansas
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - White Rock Mountain, Arkansas
View from White Rock Mountain
The observation platforms at the top of White Rock
Mountain provide spectacular views of the Ozarks.
A Rugged and Remote Landmark
It takes several miles of traveling over bumpy
forest service roads to get there, but the crest
of White Rock Mountain provides some of the
most spectacular views in Arkansas.

One of the highest points in the Ozarks, the
mountain takes its name from the sheer cliffs
that ring its peak. From a distance, they
appear brilliantly white thanks to a unique
lichen that grows on the rocky surfaces.

White Rock Mountain is an outstanding place
to explore the natural and cultural history of
the Ozarks. The views from the top are breath
taking, particularly at sunset when colors
spread across the adjoining hills and ridges.

Located deep in the
Ozark National Forest,
the mountain is open to the public daily for
picnicking, camping and hiking. A forest
service recreation area at the top was built
during the Great Depression as a public
works project. The lodge and cabins there,
built of native stone and timber, have been
beautifully restored and now welcome
guests throughout the year (although winter
weather sometimes closes roads leading to
the mountain).

Depression era workers also built a series of
overlooks along the rim of the mountain and
opened hiking trails that remain in use today.

Arguably the most spectacular view in the
Ozarks can be found at the main overlook on
White Rock Mountain. Located just down the
path from the parking lot, the viewing platform
features a panoramic view that sweeps in all
directions. Because the mountain is located
so deep in the national forest, the landscape
below is almost completely unspoiled. Very
little sign of human life can be seen other
than an occasional car winding its way up the
mountain road.

Getting to the mountain is half the fun. The
drive up involves traveling over a steep and
sometimes bumpy gravel road that passes
through stunning mountain country.
The easiest way to reach White Rock is to
travel north from Interstate 40 at Mulberry,
Arkansas, on Highway 215 to the turn-off for
the Shores Lake Recreation Area. Continue
straight past the entrance to Shores Lake
and the pavement will end giving way to a
gravel forest service road. Take it until it dead-
ends and turn left, following the signs to the
park on the mountain.

Please click here for more information on
cabins and the lodge at White Rock
Mountain. The link also provides information
about camping, as well as driving directions.
View from White Rock
The overlooks atop the
mountain provide some of the
finest views to be found in
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