Poison Spring Battlefield
More than 200 men died in
the vicinity of Poison Spring
State Park in a bloody Civil
War battle.
Forgotten Brutality
Like most battles, Poison
Spring was the scene of
intense brutality. There were
allegations of scalpings.
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - The Battle of Poison Spring, Arkansas
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - The Battle of Poison Spring, Arkansas
Ghosts at Poison Spring Battlefield?
A Ghost at Poison Spring?
This "orb" was one of several that turned up in
photographs taken at the Poison Spring battlefield.
Unusual Photographic Effects
It is not uncommon for unusual things to pop
up in photographs of historic sites. Over the
years ExploreSouthernHistory.com has taken
pictures that show "orbs," unusual mists,
streaks of light and other strange things.

Many people believe these are indications of
ghosts or spiritual activity, but others feel they
usually are little more than strange tricks of
light or indications of camera problems. The
latter is undoubtedly true most of the time.

Such things usually pop up in perhaps 1 or 2
out of every 500 pictures we take, but when
we took a look at our photos from Poison
Spring State Park we got a bit of a surprise.
Instead of seeing something unusual in 1 or
2 of the 500 photos we took there, we found
unusual effects in over 100 of them.

The photographs were all taken fairly late in
the afternoon as a storm was approaching,
so it is certainly possible that weather
conditions had something to do with the

Perhaps the most unusual one is seen at the
lower right.  As I was preparing to leave the
park, I saw an unusual yellow orange glow in
the trees near the nature trail entrance and
managed to snap this photo of it.

I walked back down the trail and the light (or
whatever it was) couldn't be seen, but when I
returned to the parking lot it once again was
visible.  You can see in the same photograph
some standard "light effect" orbs. Of
particular interest is that one of these can be
seen over the yellow-orange light, indicating
depth to the location of the strange light.

So what are these things?  The scientific
answer is just unusual anomalies in a
series of photographs. Most are probably just
tricks of light caused by weather conditions,
but some are interesting enough to raise

If you have any thoughts or know of other
similar photos from this site, drop me a line
by clicking the "Contact Us" link at the top of
this page.
Battle of Poison Spring
The kiosk provides visitors
information on the battle,
much of which took place in
the adjoining road.
Bridge over Poison Spring
A nature trail leads down into
a steep ravine where visitors
find a footbridge leading over
water flowing from the spring.
A Light Effect or Something More?
Another "orb" higher in the trees at Poison Spring
Battlefield. Nothing was visible to the eye.
A Light in the Gloom
This unusual yellow-orange glow was
photographed at Prairie Grove Battlefield.
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