Jekyll Island Club
A noted railroad magnate is
among the departed who are
said to still visit Jekyll Island.
Ghosts of Jekyll Island, Georgia
St. Simons Island, Georgia - Historic Sites & Points of Interest
St. Simons Island, Georgia - Historic Sites & Points of Interest
Jekyll Island Club
The crown jewel of the island's historic district,
the Jekyll Island Club is said to be haunted by a
wide array of ghosts.
Legends of Georgia Coast
Jekyll Island is a stunningly beautiful stretch
of sun-soaked sand, trees and grass on the
Georgia coast. Rich in history, it is one of the
crown jewels of the Golden Isles. In addition,
some say it may be one of the most haunted
islands in the world!

The island is homed to a wide array of
historic landmarks.  Pirates and privateers
once sailed off its shores. The
Horton House
and DuBignon Cemetery date back to the
Colonial and War of 1812 eras. Confederate
troops manned an
earthwork battery near
today's airport.  And then there is the
Island Club!

A vacation resort populated by some of the
most powerful men and women of its day,
the Jekyll Island Club thrived from 1886 until
World War II.  Its members included the
Morgans, Vanderbilts, Pulitzers and others.

The magnificent "cottages" of the club's
wealthy members still stand in the Jekyll
Island Historic District, as does the Jekyll
Island Club itself.  Originally a place where
members met for meals, dances, social
events and more, the clubhouse is now a
beautiful historic hotel.

It is so well known for its amenities and
service, in fact, that stories prevail of guests
who checked in... but never checked out!

Among the ghosts said to haunt the hotel is
railroad magnate Samuel Spencer. Killed in
a 1906 train collision, Spencer supposedly
still returns to a suite in the Annex to enjoy
his coffee and morning newspaper.

Room 3101 of the Annex is said to be
haunted by the benevolent spirit of Charlotte
Maurice. She has encouraged guests to
enjoy their lives.

Not only do long-dead guests seem to linger
in the hotel, but so too do the employees who
catered to their needs during long ago times.
A bellman dressed in the style of the 1920s,
for example, is said to pay special attention
to making sure the suits of grooms are
freshly pressed on the nights before planned
weddings.  He generally is seen on the
second floor of the main Club Building,
quietly knocking on the doors of grooms
known to be preparing for their weddings.

Suite 2416 on the second floor of the main
Club House has been the subject of much
talk of supernatural events. During a visit by
one couple, they were stunned when a
balcony door suddenly burst open and an
explosion of light illuminated their room. Just
as quickly, the light went out and the door
closed with a slam.
Jekyll Island Club Hotel occupies several
buildings, one of which is called Sans Souci.
Among the original members who owned a
condominium there was the famed 19th
century financier J. Pierpont Morgan. Guests
to what once was his third floor apartment
report noticing the smell of his famous cigars.

There are numerous other ghost stories on
Jekyll Island.  Strange lights and shadows
have been seen in the DuBignon Cemetery  
on North Riverview Drive, while unusual
"whispers" are sometimes heard in the
adjacent ruins of the 17th century Horton
House. Along the Atlantic beaches, some
even claim to see a ghost ship sailing

Jekyll Island is located between Jacksonville,
Florida, and Savannah, Georgia, where
Highway 520 reaches the Atlantic Ocean.
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Jekyll Island Club Hotel.
Ghosts of the Annex
Guests and employees of the
Jekyll Island Club Hotel often
encountered unexplained
visitors in the Annex.
J.P. Morgan at Sans Souci
The ghost of J.P. Morgan still
smokes his famous cigars on
the porches of San Souci.
Horton House
Visitors to the ruins of the
colonial era estate report
hearing whispers and seeing
shadowy figures.
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