Spanish Governor's Palace
The beautiful palace is filled
with artifacts and furnishings
from San Antonio's past.
Garden of the Palace
A beautiful garden adjoins the
restored Spanish structure,
which was finished in 1749.
Spanish Governor's Palace - San Antonio, Texas - Spanish Governor's Palace, Texas - Spanish Governor's Palace, Texas
Spanish Governor's Palace
The historic Spanish Governor's Palace in San
Antonio, Texas, was actually the home of the
commander of the city's Spanish garrison.
A National Historic Landmark
Now owned by the city of San Antonio, the
beautiful old Spanish Governor's Palace is
one of the oldest residential structures still
standing in Texas.

Plans for the structure are known to have
originated as early as 1722, when the
Marquis de San Miguel de Aguayo proposed
the construction of the palace in a letter to the
King of Spain. The presidio or fort of San
Antonio de Bejar was moved to the present
site of the city that same year to protect the
nearby mission of San Antonio de Valero (

The original proposal called for a massive
square complex with bastions on each
corner It is not believed however, that the
structure was ever completed as proposed.
Instead, the somewhat smaller presidio was
likely finished in 1749, the date given on a
coat of arms that can still be seen above the
exterior door.

The building seen today was the residence
and office of the captain of the presidio. The
original of the name "Spanish Governor's
Palace" probably dates from the years after
1772, when the captain of the presidio at San
Antonio de Bejar also served as the governor
of the Province of Texas.

The building's military use ended by the time
Mexico obtained its independence from
Spain in 1821. It remained, however, the
home of Ignacio Perez, a former Spanish
captain. His family lived there for many years.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries,
the building served a variety of purposes and
housed businesses ranging from a saloon
to a pawn shop.

It was purchased by the City of San Antonio in
1928 and restored over the next two years.
The palace is now a museum.
Legend holds that the beautifully carved
doors of the Spanish Governor's Palace tell
the story of Spain's conquest of the New
World. The carvings are intricate and quite

Located at 105 Military Plaza in downtown
San Antonio, the Spanish Governor's Palace
is open to the public Monday - Saturday from
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sundays from 10
a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is only $2 for
adults, $1.50 for Senior Citizens and children
ages 7 to 13. Children 6 and under are
admitted free.
Governor's Palace Interior
Now maintained as a
museum by the city of San
Antonio, the Spanish
Governor's Palace is open to
the public daily.
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