Ghosts, Monsters & Mysteries of the South

The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge

The legend of Bellamy Bridge is perhaps Florida's best known ghost story. Believers claim that the restless spirit of a young woman can be seen in the swamps near Marianna.

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The Edgefield Ghost

Did a poltergeist terrorize a South Carolina community nearly 200 years ago? Dozens of people witnessed something. Read the story of the Edgefield Ghost and decide for yourself!

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Headless Horse of Albany, Georgia

Newspaper reports indicate the ghost of a "headless horse" once roamed the riverfront of Albany, Georgia. The strange story is one of the better legends of ghostly activity from the Peach State.

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Southern Strangeness

Stories of ghosts, monsters and more abound in the Deep South. does real research into the "stories behind the stories" of these tales so we can share the truth with you.

Whether it is the story of a supposed haunted or a sighting of the creature that many call Bigfoot, we do our best to get to be bottom of things so we can tell you the real story.

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The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge

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The Ghost of Allatoona Pass

The Headless Horse of Albany, Georgia


The Ghost of Deer Island


The Ghost of Big Cedar

South Carolina

The Edgefield Ghost


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