Ghosts, Monsters & Mysteries

Ghost of Bellamy Bridge

The ghost of Bellamy Bridge near Marianna, Florida.

One of Florida's oldest and best known ghost stories can be explored at Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail near Marianna.

St. Augustine Sea Monster

The St. Augustine Sea Monster washed ashore in 1896 near St. Augustine, Florida.

What was the St. Augustine Sea Monster? It washed ashore on Anastasia Island in the late 1800s and sparked much debate.

Edgefield Ghost

The Edgefield Ghost of South Carolina may have been the basis for Tennessee's famed Bell Witch.

The Edgefield Ghost was witnessed by numerous people. Named for the Edgiefield District of South Carolina, it was bizarre and frightening.

Ocheesee Pond Wild Man

Ocheesee Pond, where a Bigfoot was captured in 1884.

Was a bigfoot or "skunk ape" really captured in a Florida swamp in the 1890s? Read the story of the Ocheesee Pond Wild Man to find out!


The Altamaha River at Darien, Georgia. This is the domain of a sea serpent called the Altamaha-ha.

The sea monster of the Georgia coast has been seen in the waters near Darien for more than 200 years. Read some of the earliest accounts.

Ghost of the St. Simons Lighthouse

The historic St. Simons Island Lighthouse is said to be haunted by a restless ghost.

The historic St. Simons Lighthouse in Georgia is the focal point of a haunting that dates back to a tragic event in the 19th century.