• Pirates of Cape San Blas, Florida (1839)

    A desperate search for the pirates accused of mounting a bloody attack on the ship General Parkhill continued west from St. Marks in February 1839. See Pirates at St. Marks, Florida! for the story of the attack on the General Parkhill. The Revenue Service, predecessor of today’s U.S. Coast Guard, then had two revenue cutters at St. […]

  • Pirates at St. Marks, Florida!

    Piracy on the Gulf of Mexico had been almost wiped out by 1839. Almost… but not entirely! A dramatic pirate attack in Apalachee Bay off St. Marks caused an international sensation that year. It was a brutal reminder that the lure of freedom and riches still drew men to leave everything behind and pursue a […]

  • Troops prepare for march to Fort Scott (Seminole War Bicentennial)

    The years 2017 and 2018 mark the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Seminole Wars. These conflicts raged across parts of Florida, Georgia and Alabama for more than 40 years, but began with the 1817 reoccupation of a U.S. fort in what is now Decatur County, Georgia. Fort Scott stood at the “Clay Banks,” […]

  • Treasure
    Treasure in the marshes of St. Marks, Florida?

    Tales of a fabulous treasure in lost Spanish gold have long echoed in the marshes and inlets around the mouth of the St. Marks River. The purported burial site is a “money pit” about three miles from the old Spanish fort of San Marcos de Apalache. The vicinity is now part of the St. Marks […]

  • Fred the Town Dog’s grave in Rockford, Alabama

    Fred the Dog was the “beloved companion” of the people of Rockford, Alabama. They saved him from a sad fate and he gave them ten years of joy in return. Rockford is a town of just under 500 people at the intersection of U.S. 231 and State Highway 22 between Montgomery and Sylacauga. It is […]

  • Panama City’s forgotten Seminole War forts

    The landscape of Florida is dotted with the sites of military outposts built by the U.S. Army during the Second Seminole War (1835-1842). Two of the least known of these stood on the shores of St. Andrew Bay in what is now Panama City. The year 1839 found the commanders of the U.S. Army in […]

  • Romance
    Sunset over Mobile Bay as seen from Fairhope, Alabama.
    14 Most Romantic Places in the South!

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is our first ever list of the 14 most romantic places in the South! #1 on our list for 2017 is the charming city of Fairhope, Alabama! This selection may surprise some people, but it won’t surprise anyone who has ever visited this beautiful community on the Eastern […]

  • Romance
    14 Most Romantic Places in Florida

    Here’s our list of the 14 Most Romantic Places in Florida for 2017! Topping our list this year is St. Augustine, the historic old city where the Old World meets the new. The oldest permanent settlement in the continental United States, St. Augustine was a thriving village more than 50 years before the Pilgrims set […]

  • Romance
    14 Most Romantic Places in Georgia

    Here’s our list of the 14 Most Romantic Places in Georgia for 2017! Georgia features an unbelievable array of destinations from mountains to beaches and from major metropolitan areas to charming small towns. Since our primary mission is to take you “off the beaten path” that’s where you will find most of the places on […]