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    New directional signs are part of the U.S. Forest Service's redesign of Fort Gadsden Historic Site, the location of the Fort at Prospect Bluff.
    The Fort at Prospect Bluff (July 11, 1816)

    News of the arrival of U.S. warships in Apalachicola Bay probably reached the Fort at Prospect Bluff 200 years ago today on July 11, 1816. The term “Fort at Prospect Bluff” is used here instead of the better known “Negro Fort” moniker because there is no evidence that the occupants of the post ever used […]

  • Prospect Bluff Campaign (July 10, 1816)

    The U.S. campaign against the fort or post at Prospect Bluff – sometimes called the “Negro Fort” – began 200 years ago today. The expedition ended seventeen days later with the deadliest cannon shot in American history. The Fort at Prospect Bluff has been called by many names: British Post, Negro Fort, Fort Negro, Fort […]

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    The Battle of Bloody Marsh – St. Simons Island, Georgia

    English Victory in Georgia The Battle of Bloody Marsh was a pivotal engagement that determined the fate of the English colony of Georgia. The battle was fought on the afternoon of July 7, 1742, on St. Simons Island, Georgia. It gained its name from legendary accounts that the marshes of the island ran red with […]

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    4th of July Fireworks in the South

    You can check out our exclusive lists of the best fireworks in states across the South by following the links below: Fourth of July Fireworks Shows – 2016 Alabama 4th of July Fireworks Arkansas 4th of July Fireworks Florida 4th of July Fireworks Georgia 4th of July Fireworks Kentucky 4th of July Fireworks Louisiana 4th […]

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