ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Chained Rock, Kentucky
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Chained Rock, Kentucky
Chained Rock
Now a popular tourist attraction, the Chained Rock
of Pine Mountain is a unique and fascinating
historic landmark of Kentucky.
Chained Rock in Kentucky
The chain is 101 feet long
and is made from 7 pound
links. The current one has
been in place since 1933.
Chained Rock
The current chain replaced an
earlier one that tradition says
had protected the town of
Pineville for decades. It is a
unique historic site.
Chained Rock - Pineville & Bell County, Kentucky
The Chain on Pine Mountain
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Story of Chained Rock
The historic oaks of Biloxi
frame picturesque views of
the city's beautiful beaches
and the blue waters of the
View from Pine Mountain
This view from above the
Chained Rock shows the
town of Pineville. The chain
was placed to prevent the
rock from ever falling on the
Mountains of the South
Photos by Brian Mabelitini